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Our Story

It all began in 1973 when Dr. Saber Abdul Mutagally, an Egyptian Architect with an intellectual entrepreneurial drive and a genuine desire to make a difference in the Design and Construction Market, decided to establish an entity to realize this goal; “Eng. Saber Office for Design and Contracting”.

Extending the capacity of this office, Dr. Saber has expanded the teams of his firm through the establishment of “The United Engineers Office”, which has eventually changed to “Al-Islameia for Contracting”

Decades of Excellence: Delivering Success in Design and Construction

Staying true to our value proposition “Intellectually Driven, Determined to Impress”, while spotting on our cornerstone values of integrity, innovation, commitment, and quality, a decision was taken to underpin our steady growth and take the biggest step towards our strategic transformation by founding one of the most competitive and impressive Egyptian Joint-Stock companies “Etqan”

Armed with over 40 years of success and determination to impress, Etqan has managed to sustain its great reputation and continuous growth in the Egyptian market along with developing a solid presence in the Middle-East and the Gulf region

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