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Your Gateway to Exceptional Real Estate Opportunities

Our Real Estate Division has successfully built a solid presence among the premier home developers in Egypt over the past period, providing the Egyptian Market with an excess of 1000 properties, and a pipeline that has over 250 properties present in different zones of the Greater Cairo. With our services, you will always be sure about your financial investment, enjoying the flexibility of our payment terms. Whether it is a land in a decent location, a beautiful townhouse, a stunning villa, or an apartment in a luxury building, you can always rely on Etqan to find your best match.


Property Development

We specialize in developing residential and commercial properties, creating exceptional spaces that meet the highest quality standards.

Property Sales and Marketing

Our expert team handles the sales and marketing of properties, employing effective strategies to attract potential buyers and ensure successful transactions.

Property Management

We offer professional property management services, taking care of all aspects related to property maintenance, tenant management, rent collection, and property upkeep.

Investment Advisory

Our real estate experts provide tailored investment advisory services, guiding clients in making informed decisions about real estate investments.

Real Estate Consulting

Our consulting services encompass a wide range of real estate-related areas, including market research, feasibility studies, property valuation, and portfolio analysis.

Property Acquisition

We assist clients in finding and acquiring properties that align with their specific requirements.

Property Rental and Leasing

We facilitate property rental and leasing transactions, connecting property owners with potential tenants.

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